Cultural Arts Village

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    The mission of the Vero Beach Cultural Arts Village (CAV) is to foster connections among artists and the public that ignite the creative spirit. The Village creates an environment attractive to residents, visitors, and creative professionals of all types, where the visiting public and cultural community can meet, learn, entertain, and interact in the promotion and appreciation of the visual, culinary, and performing arts.

"We envision a vibrant downtown community where special events, food fairs, concerts, lectures, exhibitions, and more will inspire our senses. We see job opportunity. We see a dynamic community promoting growth, sustainability, and fun!”

- Cultural Arts Village Leadership Team

The Cultural Art Village is envisioned to complement the efforts over the past two decades to revitalize Vero's Downtown District to make it a vibrant source of business and entertainment activities. Studies show that many people are looking to move back into cities, where they could walk to restaurants, stores, and entertainment. Combining creative activity with nearby commercial, business and entertainment activities is an attractive idea, one that had real potential in Vero Beach. The Cultural Arts Village is seen as a place with affordable places for local artists and other creative individuals to live, work and sell, close to the Downtown Arts District.

Cultural Arts Village Vision:

  • Mixed use residential with some art-related commercial
  • Promotion of the visual, culinary and performing arts
  • Artists live, work and sell their art in home studios
  • Studios supported by cafes, B&B's and other small art-related businesses
  • Evolution of the current neighborhood that protects its historical character

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