Three Corners

A Conversation With Andres Duany

We are excited to invite you and the entire Vero Beach community to join Larry Reisman, TCPalm community editor and columnist, for a lively conversation with Andres Duany on Tuesday, August 11 at 6:30 p.m.

 You’ll be able to join the conversation live on TCPalm by clicking here.   Alternatively, you may participate by going to    Selected members of the audience will be called upon to ask questions or offer their opinions on the latest design via Facebook.  

 Andres will guide you through his most recent design vision for Three Corners, which takes into account the new post-COVID realities.  The revisions include more fresh air, more green space, more naturally occurring social distancing using native trees and landscaping, and more outdoor dining.

 I will send out a reminder on Tuesday morning.  In the meantime, click here to get an up-close look at these stunning color renderings depicting the vision for Three Corners.

 We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday

Three Corners Master Concept Plan

Second in importance to the recent sale of the Municipal Vero Beach Power Plant is the future use of the 38-acre waterfront parcel known as Three Corners located at the base of the 17th Street (Alma Lee Loy) bridge. The site is considered the most valuable city (publicly) owned waterfront property on Florida’s East Coast. The City selected the internationally renown architecture and planning design firm, DPZ CoDesign to conduct a community engagement process and develop a master concept plan for the site. 

The master concept plan was prepared after an extensive community participation in the planning process for the site. The project began on November 19, 2019 with a presentation to City Council and the formation of the Three Corners Steering Committee to guide the planning process. For more than two months, DPZ and city staff performed community outreach through various forms of media and solicited ideas for the development of the site through  The community outreach and solicitation of ideas culminated at a week long design charrette at the Vero Beach Community Center with the DPZ design team. DPZ prepared five scenarios for the potential development of the site, including mothballing the site, cultural and recreational use of the site, and maximum development of the site. Following the design charrette week, the Steering Committee met to review the proposed scenarios for the site.

Plan Updates:

The City of Vero Beach would like to thank everyone in the community that attended and participated in the planning process for the Three Corners. Since the community charrette in January, the Three Corners Steering Committee recommended a Master Concept Plan for the site.

  July 21, 2020: City Council held a public hearing regarding the adoption of the Three Corners Report, Vero Beach 

As recommended by DPZ CoDesign, the City Council tabled the discussion to consider an additional scenario that takes into consideration the effects of the COVID pandemic on planning for community spaces such as the Three Corners.

July 31, 2020: DPZ CoDesign presented the Post-Pandemic Design for the three corners. The committee recommended the adoption of the Post-Pandemic Plan except for the plans for the waste-water site, which will remain mothballed.

For comparison of the plans see the following summaries of each plan:

  • Master Concept Plan from the community charrette and recommended by the Steering Committee on June 16, 2020

Three Corners Final Rendering Opens in new window

Scenario Five Plan B Opens in new window

1923 Three Corners Post Pandemic Chapter DRAFT 08 17 2020_Page_01 Opens in new window

August 18, 2020: The City Council will hold a public hearing for the adoption of the revised master concept plan and Three Corners Report, Vero Beach. The public is encouraged to attend or comment online regarding the proposed Master Concept Plan.  

Speak Up Vero Beach is the online hub for community engagement about the future of Three Corners - 38 acres where the old power plant, former postal annex land & water treatment plant now stand. Here you’ll find facts and background about Three Corners.   The online discussions about the future of the site prior and during the charrette are maintained on the discussion forum. 

Three Corners Steering Committee

The Three Corners Steering Committee has been chosen to help guide the community in the creation and evaluation of alternative development scenarios for the three city-owned properties located at the base of the Alma Lee Loy (17th Street) Bridge, also known as Three Corners. The three parcels, encompassing 38 acres, are currently occupied by the old power plant, the former postal annex and the water and sewer treatment plant.

  • Vicky Gould – Chairman, Member at Large
  • Councilmember Robbie Brackett – Vice Chairman - City of Vero Beach
  • Mayor Tony Young - City of Vero Beach
  • Vice Mayor Laura Moss - City of Vero Beach
  • Councilmember Joe Graves - City of Vero Beach
  • Councilmember Rey Neville - City of Vero Beach
  • Mark Tripson - Appointed by Tony Young
  • Linda Moore -  Appointed by Robbie Brackett
  • Mike Johansen - Appointed by Rey Neville
  • Harry Howle -  Appointed by Joe Graves
  • Dr. Richard Baker - Appointed by Laura Moss
  • John Cotugno - Alternate Member

Three Corners Steering Committee - City of Vero Beach Power Plant Video, PowerPoint Presentations, Charrette Videos and Minutes:

  1. Three Corners Steering Committee Charrette Day 1 Monday, January 27, 2020
    1. Video
    2. Minutes
  2. Planning & Zoning Board Charrette Day 3 Wednesday, January 29, 2020
    1. Video
    2. Minutes
  3. Three Corners Steering Committee Charrette Day 5 Friday, January, 31, 2020
    1. Video
    2. Minutes 

Former Power Plant Tour

Panoramic View From The Roof Top

power plant roof

Tour Pictures