Three Corners Master Concept

Second in importance to the recent sale of the Municipal Vero Beach Power Plant is the future use of the 38-acre waterfront parcel known as Three Corners located at the base of the 17th Street (Alma Lee Loy) bridge. The site is considered the most valuable city (publicly) owned waterfront property on Florida’s East Coast. The City selected the internationally renown architecture and planning design firm, DPZ CoDesign to conduct a community engagement process and develop a master concept plan for the site. 

The master concept plan was prepared after an extensive community participation in the planning process for the site. The project began on November 19, 2019 with a presentation to City Council and the formation of the Three Corners Steering Committee to guide the planning process. For more than two months, DPZ and city staff performed community outreach through various forms of media and solicited ideas for the development of the site through  The community outreach and solicitation of ideas culminated at a week long design charrette at the Vero Beach Community Center with the DPZ design team. DPZ prepared five scenarios for the potential development of the site, including mothballing the site, cultural and recreational use of the site, and maximum development of the site. Following the design charrette week, the Steering Committee met to review the proposed scenarios for the site.

Adopted Master Concept Plan:

The City of Vero Beach would like to thank everyone in the community that attended and participated in the planning process for the Three Corners. 

Important Update: 

The City of Vero Beach City Council adopted the Master Concept Plan on February 1, 2022. The following are the next steps in the implementation of the plan:

  1. Issue a Request for Information (RFI) to identify qualified developers and receive information on interest in partnering with the City to develop the site as proposed by the Master Concept Plan.
  2. Call for a charter referendum to allow commercial development of the former power plant site.
  3. Conduct additional engineering analysis regarding traffic impacts of the proposed development on the former power plant site.
  4. Prepare an amendment to the City’s Comprehensive Plan to change the future land use designations on the site to be consistent with the Master Concept Plan, and add land use policies regarding the development of site consistent with the Master Concept Plan.
  5. Prepare land development regulation amendments to adopt development regulations consistent with the Master Concept Plan, including a map amendment to the City’s Official Zoning Map.
  6. Issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) from qualified developers and select developer for the master development of the former power plant site. Enter into a development agreement between the City and the Developer for the development of the site.
  7. Enter into an agreement with Youth Sailing Foundation for the development of sailing facilities on the wastewater plant site.

As the implementation of the master concept plan progresses, there will be additional public meetings. 

Next Meeting: March 2022 (Specific date will be announced) – City Council to discuss the call for charter referendum and Request for Information (RFI) to identify qualified developers.

 For more information, please contact Jason Jeffries, Planning and Development Director at (772) 978-4550

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Panoramic View From The Roof Top

power plant roof