Commercial Leasing

COVB Airport logoIn addition to being a local center for general aviation, Vero Beach Regional Airport offers economical opportunities for commercial and industrial development. In fact, the airport is home to many non-aviation businesses. These companies find the airport, with its flexible leasing program and competitive rates, to be a profitable location. Please contact the Airport for current rates.

These parcels offer the following advantages:

 1. Utilities and Services: Water, sewer, and electric service serve parcels. Police and fire protection are located nearby.

 2. Favorable Zoning: Non-aviation parcels are zoned for commercial and industrial development. This zoning permits financial institutions, hotels and motels, light industrial, personal services, private clubs, eating establishments, professional offices, research centers, retail stores, as well as warehousing, and other industrial uses. 

 3. Flexible Leasing Arrangements: Parcels are available for terms extending from monthly to 30 years.  Leases can be assigned or sublet.

 The Vero Beach area offers businesses central access to the state, as well as:

  • High-quality, local labor force.
  • A right to work state with relatively low labor costs.
  • No state income tax.
  • Pleasant year-round climate.
  • A great place for employees to live.

 For More Information Contact:

Vero Beach Regional Airport
 P.O. Box 1389
 Vero Beach, FL 32961-1389

Phone:  (772) 978-4930 ext.102 or 105