Tourism tax dollars have rebounded throughout our community to levels prior to the hurricanes. Tourist tax dollars collected from hotels have increased from $581,000 in 2010 / 2011 to $604,000 2011 / 2012. Of increased significance to the City of Vero Beach is the percentage of tourist tax dollars derived from hoteliers located in the City. Last year 51.5% City to 50.5% IRC, to this years’ numbers of 56.5% City and 43.5% IRC. 

Visitors are increasingly choosing City of Vero Beach hoteliers, and enriching our local economy, though the tourism tax dollars are funneled out to the entire county.

A collection of four pictures with people on sailboats

Interestingly, 52% of total tourism tax dollars raised in the County are sent to Tourist Tax Fund 128 and used solely for beach restoration. Dollars raised by 2011 to 2012 taxes to tourists within the City of Vero Beach raised close to $340,000.