Automotive Care and Maintenance

Mechanical Maintenance

Fluid spills and improper disposal of materials result in pollutants entering streams and lakes. Here are some ideas to protect our waterways during vehicle maintenance:

  • Drip pans and draining boards should be used to capture solvents and oils for proper disposal
  • Use as little water as possible to clean spills, leaks and drips by using rags and dry absorbent material such as kitty litter
  • Promptly take all fluids and batteries to the proper facility for disposal
  • Do not pour waste onto the ground or into storm drains


When cars are washed in driveways and parking lots, the dirty wash water finds it’s way into the drainage system and ultimately into streams and lakes. Wash water contains pollutants such as: oils and grease, phosphates (from the soap), and heavy metals, all of which have negative effects on water quality.

Instead, wash your car in the grass. The ash water will be treated by the soil, and the grass will benefit from the water. Another alternative is to wash your car at a commercial car wash. There, the dirty wash water enters the sanitary sewer system where it is treated before being released back into the stream.