Local Register

Properties Listed in the Local Register of Historic Places

The Historic Preservation Commission is responsible for the development and maintenance of the City’s local Register of Historic Places. Provided is a list of those properties listed in the local Register:

  • 2425 15th Avenue (Single- Family Residence)
  • Old Palmetto Hotel
  • 2716 Laurel Drive (Single Family Residence)
  • Ryburn Apartments (Tangelo Apartments)
  • Vero Man Archaeological Site
  • Royal Park Arcade (Parkway Plaza)
  • Vero Beach Community Building (Heritage Center)
  • Vero Beach Diesel Power Plant (Old Diesel Plant)
  • Vero Beach Railroad Station (Indian River County Historical Society)
  • Vero Beach Woman’s Club


Cattle being herded through street
Train on train tracks

Photos are from collections at the Archive Center of the Indian River County Main Library.

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