Reservations & Rates

City Council and the Marine Commission have approved "new rates" to go into effect as of November 1, 2023. 

Rate shown on this page are still in effect until November 1, 2023

Marina Rate Sheet As Of November 1, 2023 (PDF)

 Exhibit “A” 

Schedule of Vero Beach Municipal Marina Rates and Fees 

The following rates and fees shall apply and be charged (plus applicable taxes) to cover the costs of proper maintenance and operation of the Municipal Marina and capital improvements. Rates and fees are not subject to proration. All Monthly, Seasonal & Annual slips are billed as the overall length of the boat (tip to tip) or the size of the slip, whichever is greater. Harbormaster approval is required for all Monthly, Seasonal, Annual, Dry Storage and extended stay Moorings. 


A. Transient Slips: 

  • Daily: $2.15 per ft. per day 
  • Weekly: $11.25 per ft. per week (7-day minimum) 
  • Monthly: $15.85 per ft. per month (1-month minimum) 
  • Seasonal: $14.60 per ft. per month
    (6-month minimum Nov – Apr) (4-month minimum May - Oct) 

Deposit is required for all reservations: 

  • Daily: one (1) day 
  • Weekly: two (2) days 
  • Monthly: one (1) week, seven (7) days 
  • Seasonal: one (1) month 

Deposit will be applied to daily, weekly and one (1) month charges at check in. Multiple month and Seasonal will be applied to last month. 

Forfeiture of Deposit

If reservation is not cancelled within the following time-frames ahead of reservation arrival date, the deposit for that reservation shall be forfeited. 

  • Daily: twenty-four (24) hours 
  • Weekly: forty-eight (48) hours 
  • Monthly: seven (7) days 
  • Seasonal: fourteen (14) days 

A charge of $5.00 per day shall apply for vehicles parked overnight in Marina parking spaces before the arrival of a transient vessel or remaining the day(s) after the departure of a transient vessel. Advance approval and payment must be arranged with the Harbormaster prior to leaving any vehicle. 

  • Transient trailer storage: $25.00 per day 

B. Long-term Slips (Annual):

  •  $12.25 per ft. per month 

C. Liveaboard Slips: 

  • $100.00 per vessel per month in addition to per ft.
    (maximum of 20 liveaboards) rate.

Any liveaboard vessel that is absent from its assigned berth for a full calendar month may have the liveaboard fee waived for that period. The named vessel must be absent from its assigned slip for the full calendar month for this waiver to apply. 

In no event shall liveaboard status exceed six (6) months within any twelve (12) month period, nor shall any such vessel constitute a legal or primary residence. 

D. Dry Storage: 

  • Annual: $325.00 per month 
  • Transient: $365.00 per month 
  • Jet Ski: $125.00 per month 

Forklift: Haul & Launch: 

  • $150.00 includes one (1) day on a work rack. 
  • $50.00 per day for any additional days. 

E. Moorings: 

  • Transient: $20.00 per day 

Transient Moorings may be available for a period greater than five (5) days (hereinafter “Extended Stays”) with Harbormaster approval pursuant to the following conditions. An Owner or Captain of a vessel desiring to remain on these moorings for an Extended Stay must: 

  1. Register with the Harbormaster and receive the Harbormaster’s permission to remain; and 
  2. Pay an Extended Stay weekly mooring fee of $126.00 or monthly mooring fee of $357.00 in advance; and 
  3.  Pay a facilities fee of $50.00 for monthly-extended stays in advance. 

Payment of these Extended Stay and facilities fees shall entitle the crewmembers to the use of marina facilities for a period of up to thirty (30) days from the date of registration for an Extended Stay, renewable, subject to the Harbormaster’s approval. Extended Stay and facilities fees may not be prorated; partial months shall be at the weekly and daily Transient rates. Available marina facilities include use of the dinghy docks, garbage disposal, restroom and shower facilities, and parking for no more than two (2) vehicles per vessel. 

Dinghies from unattended boats on extended stay moorings shall be left at the motor-up dinghy dock. 

F. Kayak and Dinghy Storage Rack: (on a space-available basis) 

  • Annual: $240.00 when paid in full 
  • Semi-Annual: $150.00 when paid in full 
  • Monthly: $30.00 per month 

Multiple Kayaks on a single rack shall be charged 1.5 times the appropriate rate.

G. Facility Building Locker: 

  • $15.00 per month per locker 


A. Electric Utility Deposit:

  •  $25.00 

B. Metered Slips: 

  • $10.00 per month electric readiness-to-serve charge, plus $0.17845 per KWH consumption. 

C. Non-metered Slips: 

  • $56.25 per month per cord for 30-amp service 
  • $125.00 per month per cord for 50-amp service 

D. Daily Transient: 

  • $5.00 per day for 30-amp service per cord 
  • $8.75 per day for 50-amp service per cord 
  • $22.50 per day for 100-amp service per cord

Larger vessels may be subject to metering and billing as determined by the Harbormaster. 

E. Water Charge: 

  • All vessels coming to the facility for water shall pay a flat rate of $5.00 per fill up. 

F. Waste Pump Out: 

  • $5.00 per boat. 
  • Larger vessels with multiple tanks shall be charged $5.00 per tank. 


A $50.00 per year waiting list fee shall be charged to any applicant requesting to have their name be placed on the waiting list. The fee is to be charged for each year that the applicant wants to keep their name on the waiting list. Only in the year that the applicant’s name is selected for an available slip will that year’s $50.00 fee be applied towards the first (1st) month’s dockage. (For Annual Dockage only) 


Except as otherwise provided, all fees and charges are due and payable on the first (1st) day of each calendar month. Fees and charges not paid by the tenth (10th) day of the month due shall be increased by a $25.00 penalty charge. Checks returned unpaid shall be subject to returned check fees as provided by Florida law. Late payment due to a returned check also incurs the late payment penalty. 


All fees and charges are exclusive of applicable taxes.


The following rates shall be put in place for those that seek to use the Vero Beach Municipal Marina as an alternative location to store their boat in the event of a Storm / Hurricane. Those individuals must first fill out and sign a Storm / Hurricane Policy Permit prior to the start of Hurricane Season (June 1st - November 30) or before any tropical disturbance in the Atlantic basin. Rates are per occurrence and only if space is available. 

  1. Wet slips: Shall be charged at twice the daily dockage rate for a period not to exceed seven (7) days. 
  2. Moorings: Shall be charge at the “extended stay” monthly rate of $357.00 plus the $50.00 facility fee, for a period not to exceed seven (7) days. 
  3. Dry Storage: Shall be charged at the Transient Dry Storage rate of $365.00 for a period not to exceed seven (7) days. 
  4. Completing the permit will place you on a wait list for an open space, if available. This is not a guarantee that a space will be available at the time a storm approaches.