Managed Anchorage & Mooring Field

Managed Anchorage & Mooring Field (MAMF)


The Vero Beach mooring field was established in 1988 and expanded in 1997. We are currently looking at expanding to the north.


The moorings consist of an anchoring system, a ½ inch galvanized mooring chain, and a foam surface buoy (Island Mooring Supply). On top of the buoy is a jaw eye swivel, a shackle, and a 4-inch stainless ring. Attached to the ring is a 15-feet double braid pendant, with an eye for attachment to your vessel. We have two types of anchoring system, large concrete piles with a stainless eye jetted flush with the bottom and helix anchors.

Raft Vessels

You may have heard we have raft vessels, and this is true. During the busier parts of the cruising vessel season (OCT-APR) we may raft up to 3 boats per mooring. This of course depends on the size and type of vessel along with prevailing weather conditions. The reason we have done this for almost thirty years is to accommodate the large numbers of vessels that visit our area. If you are uncomfortable with rafting, some vessels have been anchoring just north of the field. The only hitch is that you are not allowed to use any of our facilities (dinghy dock, showers, laundromat, etc.) unless you pay the mooring fee.

Size Limitation

It is our policy not to place power vessels over 50 feet on a mooring. The reasoning is that power vessels have much more sail area creating heavier wind loads in bad weather.

Inspection Cycle

We conduct underwater inspections annually. During these inspections all anchor shackles are replaced and any bad chain links removed. All mooring chains are replaced every third year, regardless of condition. The buoys and top gear are replaced throughout the year as needed.


We do allow vessels to attempt to seek shelter on our moorings. It is first come, first serve and only one vessel per mooring is allowed.