Centerstage Acrobatic Complex

Centerstage Acrobatic Complex is a 4,500 square foot gymnastics facility in Vero Beach offering recreational and performing arts classes for boys and girls ages walking to teens. All gymnastics staff have been trained and are under the direction of USA Gymnastics National Safety Instructors. The City Recreation Department’s philosophy is to promote self-esteem, leadership, and performing experience through skill-building and positive encouragement. We emphasize the education and accomplishment of performing skills at the student’s individual, progressive level without the pressure of competition. We believe that all children are capable and ingenious individuals. Gymnastics is a medium for kids to explore and build on their physical, mental and emotional capabilities. It is a sport that presents challenges in new and exciting formats that is pure fun for kids. The developmental skills gained through gymnastics classes lay the foundation for future use in many other sports. In addition, the personal lessons learned through goal setting, perseverance and self reflection are useful for a lifetime of adventures. All gymnastics classes are held in Centerstage at Leisure Square. 

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Gymnastics  / Aerial Registration Dates

  • Beginning at 8:00am at LEISURE SQUARE

*Note: Pricing Change:

Call Centerstage at 770-3775, or follow us on Facebook @COVBRecreationDepartment for details.

All registrations are held at Leisure Square (3705 16th Street) beginning at 8:00 AM. A limited amount of early registration spaces are available for a fee of $25.00 per class / per person.

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CenterStage Information, Registration Policies and Applications

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